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18 July 2009 @ 10:00 am
Of Late Night Video Games And Rushed Packings  
After a rather slow day at the Cat Shelter yesterday, I returned home to sink into my chair and (invariably) turn on the computer. My mission royale - watch some MonsterQuest. Fate's plan - play Silent Hill 2. Not that I was expecting otherwise; my brother had been talking about it since we got into the car. I was kind of hoping he'd forgotten. Normally I am the first person to volunteer to kill a couple of weird zombies. But I just didn't feel like it at the time.

The thing about Silent Hill 2 is that it is so much more radically different than Silent Hill. For instance, in the first game, creepy sirens sound everytime the town sinks into darkness, and the sidewalks and buildings all turn into metal and wire. Whenever the protagonist, Harry Mason, runs around searching for his daughter Cheryl, his shoes make an odd clunking sound on the metal roads. Also, the plot involved a mysterious cult and a creepy lady, not to mention a blonde nurse who kept hitting on Harry. We liked the first game, never mind the fact that it was for the PlayStation I console and had stupid graphics. But the second? So far, not so good.

For one thing, the new protagonist, James Sunderland, is looking for his DEAD wife, Mary. To date, we've met a crazy suicidal woman searching for her mother, a morbidly obese man who keeps eating pizza then throws up into a toilet bowl, and an annoying little girl who stamped on James' hand. Not to mention 'Maria', who just happens to be the slutty splitting image of Mary, and just happens to have the back alley keys to a strip club. Wow. This is all so scary.

Silent Hill 2: Boss Fight 1. James confronts Pyramid Head.

Silent Hill 2: Boss Fight #1. James confronts Pyramid Head.

There are no creepy sirens, the monsters are just plain weird (except Pyramid Head - because he has a wicked blade) and the fog looks more like a sandstorm. We've even had to put James' hand into a dirty unflushed toilet to get a piece of paper. That's not scary, that's just plain gross. While the first game had us shivering every time the soundtrack began playing, this game barely manages to capture our attention. A major issue I had with the both games was that the controls are absolutely awful. The only thing that makes up for it are the camera angles that make the game look more like a movie rather than an ordinary survival game.  Still, we're going to keep pushing on, and try to complete it before the end of the summer hols.

Meanwhile, the packing has begun as of today morning and continues to go on in a frenzy. We'll be leaving the day after tomorrow, and we'll be continuously on the go over the week. We've already been to Kenya once, and hope that this trip will be even better than the last. I'll post the blogs only after I get back, since I highly doubt that wireless connections will be available in the middle of the savannah.
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