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One thing that I expect everyone to know about me by now is that what you see is pretty much what you get. I put up no pretenses; I behave the way I expect others to. I will not BS with you if you do not BS with me. Due to this very simple philosophy of mine, I understand that at times it seems like I do not have a filter between my brain and my mouth; at other times, this comes in handy, especially when debating in Pol. Sc. class.

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i was really bored in class. this psuedo-song is about all the people i've met who have lost themselves in glitter and are stuck in a bubble of their own blowing. one day, things will get better, because you know they're bad right now.

This is not an illusion
This is not a test
This is simply your reflection
Demanding all the very best

At the end of the day
When all is said and done
I sit down on my bed
And think of what you've become

I'm not sorry I've forgotten
Your meaning of life
You think you're going all the distance
When what you're trying to do is hide
In the end, does it matter
When everything has changed
For the better?

Can you see what's happened
With a straight face?
Because if life's a joke for you
You're not running the race

At the end of the day
When all is said and done
I sit down on my bed
And think of what you've become

I'm tired of repeating
All I've already said
And yet you go on listening
To the voices in your head
Tell me, why are you convinced
Your change will succeed
For the better?

You and I
We sit down and we have a chat
I say you're in denial
And you say that isn't a fact
I try to lend a helping hand
But you push it away
You gather all your things and say
That I'm the one who's gone astray

At the end of the day
When all is said and done
I get up off my bed
And try to fix what you've undone

As you dream of that white horse
And of running far away
I try to pick up after you
And keep the words in place
So when you find your shining knight
And he takes you far away
I'll stay back with bleeding hands
And break my days away
For the better
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20 November 2009 @ 09:20 pm
So of late, I've become borderline obsessed with this amazing new instrument called the Tenori-On, designed by a Japanese dude who now markets it through Yamaha. I first saw one of these when I was watching a video of Little Boots mess around with it on stage at one of her shows.

After much scouring of the InterWebz, I was able to find this virtual version, which is almost as good.


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Yesterday I had a double whammy. I was to attend (and participate in) two quizzes, one right after the other. The first was in school, so there was no need to run around like a headless chicken, but I was organizing my team for the second one, so I did go through the motions of the previously mentioned action for two days. So this is what happened...Collapse )
All in all, it was a really good day, one where I got a nice trophy, had plenty of opportunities to poke fun at Capt. Haddock, and had a mini-adventure. I lav my lyf :) :P :D

Edit: I hate my life. I am now doing my stupid Political Science homework :'(

Further Edit: Did I tell you about the parrot that we are taking care of? She's really cheeky and screams a lot. Very irritating at times, especially when she drinks my apple juice, eats my flatbread and screams when I'm watching Half Moon Investigations, but that's okay.

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30 August 2009 @ 08:51 pm

Warning: The following contains slight spoilers as I am reviewing and summarizing all current books in the series. You were warned!

I don't understand the recent vampire wave that has crashed all over teenagedom (and even over some adults...yeesh). Sure, vampires have been a source of good fun ever since dear old Vlad decided, "Hey, let's prop some Turks up on stakes, see how that blends in with my castle." But have any of you actually found a vampire novel that borrows from the initial legends and not diamonds and supermodels? Those rabid Twihards I know will be up in arms against me, seeing as how I own all of Ms Meyer's literary works and was, for a while, dedicated to defending the criticism lashed out by Twi-haters. However, the fact of the matter remains that while Twilight has a fairly decent plot. it also entertains the following defects: poor characters, overly cliched descriptions, protagonists who are forever depressed without each other, ofter becoming suicidal, and absolutely no time dedicated to the lifesavers of the 'saga' - the Quileutes. So might I suggest some more entertaining fare for those of us who are disappointed with the lack of YA fantasy novels on the market? Aw, who gives a damn, I will. Girls - feast your eyes and minds on Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series - neither a saga nor a tale of two self-centered lovers, but a story that rocks martial arts, silver stakes, high school drama and a REAL forbidden romance along with well-researched legends and totally original characters that fill every page with laughs, action and drama that transcends teenage-oriented bullshit like 90210 and Gossip Girl.

All the banners and images in this entry have been made by me. If you wish to take them, kindly credit me when you use them.


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21 August 2009 @ 11:55 am
A mix for when you feel downtrodden, helpless and defeated. You are not alone, and there is definitely a light at the end of the proverbial dark tunnel.


01 Rush // Aly & AJ
02 Reach // Caleigh Peters
03 The Little Things // Colbie Caillat
04 Clocks [Live] // Coldplay
05 The Journey // Dolores O'Riordan
06 Born To Lead // Hoobastank
07 Jump // Madonna
08 Take Back The City // Snow Patrol
09 There Is No Alternative // Tina Sugandh
10 Magnificent // U2
11 Rise Up // Yves Larock

Download link here!
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19 August 2009 @ 07:22 pm
My first music offering comes in the form of an eclectic dance playlist. Feel free to download and share - just give credit where credit is due :)


01 Startin' // Ayumi Hamasaki
02 Good Girls Go Bad // Cobra Starship Ft. Leighton Meester
03 Insomnia // Craig David
04 Heavy Cross // Gossip
05 The Fame // Lady GaGa
06 Remedy // Little Boots
07 WILD // Namie Amuro
08 Dance Anthem of the 80s // Regina Spektor
09 Give Me The Meltdown // Rob Thomas
10 Lola's Theme // Shapeshifters
11 If I Can't Dance // Sophie Ellis-Bextor
12 3 Spoons Of Suga // Sugababes
13 Sorry, Sorry // Super Junior
14 All Day And All Of The Night // The Kinks
15 Tonight // Yuksek

Download link here!

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After a rather slow day at the Cat Shelter yesterday, I returned home to sink into my chair and (invariably) turn on the computer. My mission royale - watch some MonsterQuest. Fate's plan - play Silent Hill 2. Not that I was expecting otherwise; my brother had been talking about it since we got into the car. I was kind of hoping he'd forgotten. Normally I am the first person to volunteer to kill a couple of weird zombies. But I just didn't feel like it at the time.

The thing about Silent Hill 2 is that it is so much more radically different than Silent Hill. For instance, in the first game, creepy sirens sound everytime the town sinks into darkness, and the sidewalks and buildings all turn into metal and wire. Whenever the protagonist, Harry Mason, runs around searching for his daughter Cheryl, his shoes make an odd clunking sound on the metal roads. Also, the plot involved a mysterious cult and a creepy lady, not to mention a blonde nurse who kept hitting on Harry. We liked the first game, never mind the fact that it was for the PlayStation I console and had stupid graphics. But the second? So far, not so good.

For one thing, the new protagonist, James Sunderland, is looking for his DEAD wife, Mary. To date, we've met a crazy suicidal woman searching for her mother, a morbidly obese man who keeps eating pizza then throws up into a toilet bowl, and an annoying little girl who stamped on James' hand. Not to mention 'Maria', who just happens to be the slutty splitting image of Mary, and just happens to have the back alley keys to a strip club. Wow. This is all so scary.

Silent Hill 2: Boss Fight 1. James confronts Pyramid Head.

Silent Hill 2: Boss Fight #1. James confronts Pyramid Head.

There are no creepy sirens, the monsters are just plain weird (except Pyramid Head - because he has a wicked blade) and the fog looks more like a sandstorm. We've even had to put James' hand into a dirty unflushed toilet to get a piece of paper. That's not scary, that's just plain gross. While the first game had us shivering every time the soundtrack began playing, this game barely manages to capture our attention. A major issue I had with the both games was that the controls are absolutely awful. The only thing that makes up for it are the camera angles that make the game look more like a movie rather than an ordinary survival game.  Still, we're going to keep pushing on, and try to complete it before the end of the summer hols.

Meanwhile, the packing has begun as of today morning and continues to go on in a frenzy. We'll be leaving the day after tomorrow, and we'll be continuously on the go over the week. We've already been to Kenya once, and hope that this trip will be even better than the last. I'll post the blogs only after I get back, since I highly doubt that wireless connections will be available in the middle of the savannah.
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17 July 2009 @ 05:26 pm
The parking problem is a pandemic in my area. People who live here will undoubtedly strike out the previous sentence in the defense that it is a gross understatement. Coming home from the cat shelter today reminded me of the pact that I made with myself - the one that states that I shall never, ever drive a car.

All the parking spaces seemed to be occupied at first glance, and my father's mouth turned into a frown. My mother was craning her neck around, frantically trying to find us a place to park. When she happened to see one, the transformation in my parents was stupendous - my dad's dull eyes found a spark, one that had been extinguished earlier with the thought of hunting for a space, and a broad grin found its way onto his face. The effect was scarily similar on my mother's face. However, there was just one problem - our 4WD was too large to fit through the tiny gap, conveniently formed by some double-parking asshole.

"I'll get out and guide you in," my mother offered.

"No, I'll be fine," my dad replied, confident about his (scary) driving abilities. My mother sighed.

"I'll get out."

"No, we're fine," he said, starting to maneuver the car. It looked like an incredibly tight squeeze, and my mother began to panic. My brother, oblivious to the tension, had his earphones in his ears, and was listening to some band or the other. The car managed to get in halfway, but the rear end was dangerously close to a Toyota pick-up.

"Careful, careful!" my mother snapped. "It's okay! We'll get through," my father reassures us.

In the end, his skills got us through, but not before we cursed the errant double-parking driver who had obstructed the way for us. Stupid things like this make you wonder how people actually live with all the stress day after day for things like whether you'll get a place to park when you get back from office, or whether you're going to get your pink slip today, or whether the insurance company will pay for your dentist's bills.

There's a raging sandstorm outside my window right now - it's so bad that my room is now bathed in khaki-coloured light. I can barely see the building next to mine. Meh.

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17 July 2009 @ 10:46 am
Well, first post, and I'm already getting tired of moving my fingers across the friggin' keyboard. But that's just me - procrastinator supreme. Heck, if there were a Procrastinator's Society, I'd be President, then never show up to work. This little problem of mine was the sole reason my last blog burned out.

There's not too much in my life to rant about, but if there is, it will be here. I'm planning to write about my upcoming trip to Kenya (again!), and I might upload a couple of mixes, but for now, this is it. I'll be going around the site figuring out how to use it properly (what's all this business about LJ cuts?).

Might post some other stuff today (it's Cat Shelter Day pour moi), so keep checking back. *If* anyone is actually reading this. Which no one really is.
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