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19 January 2010 @ 06:42 pm
too late to start, got you caught in a headlock .  
One thing that I expect everyone to know about me by now is that what you see is pretty much what you get. I put up no pretenses; I behave the way I expect others to. I will not BS with you if you do not BS with me. Due to this very simple philosophy of mine, I understand that at times it seems like I do not have a filter between my brain and my mouth; at other times, this comes in handy, especially when debating in Pol. Sc. class.

And then there are the hypocrites and posers who constantly try to dominate others by trying to prove that they are better than those who they feel are flawed and, ergo, inferior to them. I do not like such people, and will not hesitate to verbally bitch-slap them across the face if necessary, because in reality (not their deluded one), they are the weirdos and freaks.

Such people are always in the spotlight for some reason or the other, and I fail to see why. One such person, a Pakistani-Canadian lady whose name I will not mention here, wrote a hypocritical and highly infuriating letter to the newspaper that I subscribe to. Her letter was published in the January 15th, 2010 issue of the same paper, and below, I will provide excerpts from this lady's maddening opinion and give my own view of the topic. My views need not be right; then again, hers definitely aren't.

1 She starts by praising the "enticing and romantic" city of Dubai, stating that "The city has high standards of discipline...and this can be found everywhere." This goes on for two paragraphs.

I say: Great, lady, now get to the frigging point.

2 Here's where the fun begins. She writes, "What is the dress code for foreigners...visiting and living in Dubai?...It offended my dignity as a Muslim when one evening, at a mall, I had to walk up to a woman who was inappropriately dressed, and tell her she needed to cover her body properly."

I say: Why, did the lady come to the mall dressed like Lady Gaga, because you fail to mention how inappropriate she was on the Special Inappropriateness cum Fashion-Faux-Pas Scale. Did she force you to look at her clothes? Why were YOU offended by what SHE was wearing? Did she force you to try it on so you could have some quality girl time in the mall?

3 This woman goes to say, "...as a Muslim woman, my dignity urged me to educate this person immediately, and I, inspite (sic) of being a foreigner myself in the land at that time, found myself doing what a native would have done. ...My reaction, petty and an over-reaction to some, stemmed from the fact that indecency of any shape or form is unacceptable at all times..."

I say: As a MUSLIM woman? Are you trying to say that people from other cultures have absolutely no sense of decency? What are you, the Common-Sense Police? 

EDUCATE? The only thing you've taught us is that you are a boorish, self-opinionated woman who thinks that she is the only sensible person in a mall full of amoebae. 

Oh, and what a NATIVE would have done? (They're called Emaratis, by the way.) I don't think anyone but the POLICE would have done what you did, if they'd thought what she was wearing was inappropriate. That makes you a vigilante. The police don't like vigilantes.

Your comments were more than 'petty' and 'an over-reaction'. Did you think even ONCE of the woman you decided to humiliate in public by telling her that she was dressed like a cave-person? Did you actually think that she was going to look down at herself and say, "Sorry, love, I forgot all about my skirt and neckline. Won't happen again, I swear." I hope the lady you humiliated slapped you, because if you'd said that to ME, I'd have slapped you twice, or got my mum to do it for me if you're very old.

4 Here's the part where you laugh out LOUD: "I would have reacted in the same manner if my eye had caught something similar (sic) here in Canada because good manners and good values remain unchanged for good samaritans (sic) wherever they might travel."

I say: Okay, now you have deluded yourself into thinking that you are a good Samaritan. What's next, are you going to crown yourself the Most Benign and Supreme Ruler of Good Samaritans? If I don't correct a tourist in India because she's wearing a spaghetti-strap top to a temple, does that make me the spawn of Satan? I'm sorry that I was taught not to interfere in other people's business. And really, correct people in Canada? What do you do, jump on every person that isn't wearing a full-sleeved shirt or loose pants?

5 "In our competition with the West we do not want to muddle our good old values. Rather, we need to adhere to the norms of decency rather than leave a void of cultural confusion. ... My need to educate this woman right then and there was not to misrepresent a community or impress someone, but to stop one person from corrupting, by her disposition, so many around her at that time."

I say: So according to you, the West is filled with bad values. Lady, don't you frigging LIVE in Canada? So you've managed to insult the very country that gives you shelter and has allowed you to make a home for yourself. Way to GO! Ganbatte, obaa-san!

And there you go again with that word EDUCATE. Let me make this clear - the only thing you have taught us so far is that you are a hypocrite. Let me make that even clearer: 




And d'you really think that one person is able to influence the fashion views of a mall full of people? Wow, that makes so much sense. Everybody within a five-mile radius of the woman who offended you would have fallen prey to her fashion sense had you not intervened. Let's hear it for the Fashion Police! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip - 

No. It isn't happening. Really. It isn't.

6 Here's her solution to the various Fashion Disasters roaming around Dubai: "...make possible stealth arrangements in public places in Dubai that would keep and eye on people what would keep an eye on peopl who break the law of decency and offend others."

I say: Yeah, let's do that - form an elite, super-secret group of commandos who silently execute people that break the laws of public decency - no skirts above the ankle, no necklines lower than a turtleneck, and arms to be covered in anything, hair not included. Seriously, lady, why didn't you just visit Saudi Arabia for a holiday? I hear they have some very nice vast deserts where there isn't anyone to offend your sensibilities. Also their laws on clothing are pretty strict.

I cannot believe that this lady had the gall to actually tell another woman off, or to write such a self-approving, narcissistic letter. Just when I was thinking, Hey, the human race isn't as bad as I thought, this lady strolls on to the scene with her militaristic views and vision for World Decency domination. Why does it bother her so much that other people don't dress the way that she does? Does she actually MEAN to be so insensitive, or is she really this way? Why does she insist upon forcing her views onto others? Has she never heard of the word 'tolerance'? While there definitely is a need for decency and respecting another culture's values, what is UP with this person?

Urgh, such people make me absolutely sick. They make good blog fodder, but also make me sick.

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