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18 September 2009 @ 11:20 am
a day of two quizzes, the metro, and three cheap books.  
Yesterday I had a double whammy. I was to attend (and participate in) two quizzes, one right after the other. The first was in school, so there was no need to run around like a headless chicken, but I was organizing my team for the second one, so I did go through the motions of the previously mentioned action for two days. Finally, the Big Day arrived, and I was trying really hard not to wet myself when I woke up after a restless night. 

The first quiz was nerve-wracking, being the first one I was doing in this school, and to my happiness and the relief of my psyche, my team won (apparently after three or four years). Needless to say there followed a lot of squealing, group hugs, jumping and castles in the sky pertaing to a celebration meal at Sahara Centre sometime during these Eid hols. However, castles will remain castles for now.

Immediately after school, I had to run to my dad's office, change out of my dumb uniform and into casuals, and go to the Mall of the Emirates for the Gulf News Blockbusters quiz. My only preparation for this was one day of watching Bob "Can I have a P please, Bob?" Holness and a kid called Aidan play a series of rounds on YouTube, along with another day of frantically going through a two-volume dictionary. I met up with (the recently divorced) Natasha there, who was to be my only other team member for the day. The lady at the registration counter insisted that we get more members, but as we didn't know anyone else there, we played as we had arrived. 

To my surprise, our team ('Phoenix', which meant, "Hey, if we screw up this quiz, we'll just go do another one') competed against my second cousin's team. It took three games for us to defeat his four-member team, and we went on to the second round. However, by a stroke of extremely bad luck, my buzzer ceased to function, which meant that even though I knew the answers, I did not get to answer. And so we were eliminated from the game. Still, we had loads of fun. Nat and I discovered The Old Library that was situated smack in front of the DUCTAC auditorium, and I bought three used books, almost mint condish, for the very cheap price of Dhs 20/-, thereby saving approximately Dhs 118 had I bought them all from a large chain. There was also a copy of Elizabeth Kostova's modern masterpiece The Historian, which was going for Dhs 5, which I (unsuccessfully) tried to persuade Nat to buy.

My mom, brother, aunt-by-title and her two sons (who will go by Prof. Anthrax and Capt. Haddock for the purposes of anonymity here) took a bus, taxi and the newly inaugurated Dubai Metro in to watch Phoenix's great fall from grace at MoE. This meant that after Nat's father picked her up, I too took the Metro to the BurJuman station, whereupon we all hopped into Capt. Haddock's father's massive 4WD and drove back home.
All in all, it was a really good day, one where I got a nice trophy, had plenty of opportunities to poke fun at Capt. Haddock, and had a mini-adventure. I lav my lyf :) :P :D

Edit: I hate my life. I am now doing my stupid Political Science homework :'(

Further Edit: Did I tell you about the parrot that we are taking care of? She's really cheeky and screams a lot. Very irritating at times, especially when she drinks my apple juice, eats my flatbread and screams when I'm watching Half Moon Investigations, but that's okay.

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